Why are you mentioning that there will be wastage during cleaning?
When you go and buy fish from any market the fish will be weighed in full and you will pay for it. Similarly our pricing is also for the full fish . When we supply clean and cut fish we will be removing waste items like fins, gills, intestines, scales etc. This reduces the actual weight and it varies in percentage from fish to fish.
How will i know that i am getting a fair deal? Will i really get the actual weight after cleaning as the wastage you mentioned here is approximate only?
Our processing centre processes and packs atleast 300-500 packs a day for delivery. Whenever we get any fish we weigh them before cleaning in bulk and then weigh them after cleaning also. The percentage reduction will be carried on to the customers as it is without any alterations.
What does max price per Kg mean?
Prices of fresh Seafood items vary everyday as the price is decided on the day of catch only. Hence we have introduced a unique option where you can let us know the maximum price for which you are ready to purchase the seafood. This will give you a very similar experience to that of visiting a fish stall and taking a decision based on the price.
How will i know if i am going to get my order, because you say you wont buy if the market price is more than my max price?
If the market price is more than your max price you wont get the product.But we will send an SMS before 8.00AM stating the same and you can look at alternatives.
Will you introduce a fixed price in future?
Big No, as you are aware we commit ourselves to supply only catch that was made in the same day. Hence we wont be able to market them at fixed prices. But for your convenience we have partnered with some leading exporters to supply frozen fish which will be available at fixed prices.
How can i be sure that the fish is fresh?
On Day of Delivery date we procure the needed quantity of fish for online and phone orders before sourcing the catch for export. Immediately these catch are ice packed to arrest any spoilage and moved to our processing facility for packing and these are delivered to your doorstep.
I don't see blood in the fish and there is no fish smell, is it really fresh fish?
When we clean the fish items all the blood will be removed and you will be getting just meat. We can assure you of the quality which you will see when you taste the fish. Out fish wont smell similar to the ones in markets because, fresh fish wont smell fishy, it will smell like ocean. Only when fish is rotten it will smell very fishy.
Why Home delivery?
Seafood similar to other consumables cant be stored for a long time in outside temperatures. Seafood will start to degrade the moment it leaves the ice pack. Hence the earlier it reached our cooking vessels the better the quality and the taste
Can i know the time when you will deliver to my home?
Unfortunately we wont be able to commit on that as it depends on various factors. But we commit ourselves to home deliver the products before 11.00 AM
Why was i requested to keep exact change for the order?
We commit ourselves to home deliver the products before 11.00 AM for every customer. To achieve this we need your valuable support by providing the exact change so that our delivery person can quickly move on to the next waiting customer.
What happens if nobody is at home when delivery person arrives?
To avoid this situation we will call you the day before your delivery to confirm your presence. If there was a planned absence expected you can let us know the alternate arrangement and we will happily follow that. But we do understand that in some instances you might be leave home due to any emergency work. In that case please do call us at our customer care and inform and plan for alternate arrangements.
Why are you not delivering to all areas in chennai?
Delivering to a metro city like chennai is not an easy task when we stick to quality service. Hence we have handpicked some areas and have started our service. Also we are talking to different supermarkets in other areas to create franchisees. We promise that very soon our product will be avilable in your area also.
Online Payment
Why are you not accepting online payment?
As you know the actual price for your order is finalized only on the market price on the day you want it delivered. Hence we wont be able to charge you upfront.
Will you introduce online payments in the future?
we commit ourselves in providing the best customer experience as possible. But we dont want to compromise on the quality. So we will be delivering only the fresh catch and because of that we wont be knowing the prices upfront.


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