Order via Internet

Step 1 : Login /Create account.
To order from our site you need to create a login ID for the same. You can do this just by clicking on login link in the home page.

Step 2 : Choose products.
The second step is to select the products you want. You can click on any category on the left to view the listed items. To add a product follow the below steps.
1. Click on the product
2. Select the "Max price per KG" option. This option is to protect you from wild price movements. We will not purchase seafood if the price on your delivery date is more than the option you selected here.
3. Select the Slicing option.
4. Enter the Quantity. You can see the minimum order quantity already pre-populated in this field.
5. Click on "Add to Cart" button. You will be directed to the shopping cart.

Step 3 : Shopping cart.
You can update the shopping cart if you want. if not click on "Goto checkout" button. You will be taken to Shipping method screen.

Step 3 : Shipping method.
Select "Desired Delivery Date" from the date picker. You also can change your address here. If you want to add any comments do enter here and click on "Continue CheckOut" button to goto payment information screen.

Step 4 : Payment Information.
Here you will see the totals with reward points. If you have a "Discount Coupon" please do enter here. By default the Cash On Delivery option will be selected. Click on "Continue CheckOut" button to goto Order Conformation screen.

Step 5 : Shipping method.
In Order Confirmation screen you will have option to edit everything. You can click on "Confirm the Order" button to conform your order. You will immediately get a invoice mail sent to your registered mail ID.

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