Why Us?

Top Quality

We provide replacement/refund guarantee for our products which no retailers can provide. We are confidently doing this as our catch is sourced directly from our own boats and we are sure of the quality we deliver.

Competitive Pricing

Eventhough we provide high quality products, our charges will be in par with major retail chains like Reliance.

Fish is cleaned and washed

We are providing sea food which will be cleaned and washed before delivery. Cleaning will be done in RO purified mineral water to maintain the quality of product.

Sealed Packing

For the first time in Chennai you will be receiving your product in fresh air tight sealed food grade trays. No more messy fish bags and dripping packages.

Before 11.00 AM Delivery

As we all are aware we start cooking as early as 11 AM in households for lunch. So the Seafood will be guaranteed to be delivered before 11 AM to your doorstep.

Door Delivered

Seafood will be delivered right to your doorstep at no additional cost. We charge only Rs.50 for orders less that Rs.350/-.

Advance ordering system

We plan for everything in life in advance. Why not for purchasing food? So we proudly present to you the advance order placement system. You can order a day in advance for all your requirements and you will be home delivered them on your desired delivery date.

Where are we?

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