Our processing steps

Step 1 : Sourced from Own Boats.
On Day of Delivery date we procure the needed quantity of fish for online and phone orders before sourcing the catch for export. Immediately these catch are ice packed to arrest any spoilage and moved to our processing facility.

Step 2 : High Quality Processing.
We basically minimize handling seafood with bare hands as it increases the chance of contamination. The seafood is then cleaned (gills, fins & intestines removed),sliced and washed in fresh drinking water. We use purified water for the cleaning.

Step 3 : High Quality Packing.
Once the fish is washed, we immediately weigh them and pack it using automated sealing equipment in food grade trays. The packaging materials used here are food grade certified and hence safe. Once the packs are sealed we label them accordingly. To prevent the food from spoilage we immediately store them in special chiller boxes till we start for delivery.

Step 4 : Professional Delivery Service.
We use high grade delivery boxes packed with specially imported environment friendly ice packs. These ice packs maintain near zero temperature till delivery ensuring a fresh produce delivered right at your doorstep.

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